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Our active program, new to this area, offers gymnastics classes to Pre-school age children. Our Tumblebees Bus is a full-sized bus converted into a safe and fun gymnasium. Our "Gym-On-Wheels" is filled with fun equipment which allows us to bring a quality fitness program to children at childcare centers, schools, churches, and homes.

Our Tumblebees Mobile Gymnastics classes are offered weekly at Pre-schools across Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. These specialized classes introduce children to tumbling, gymnastics, and physical fitness in a safe environment without leaving the school grounds. Our Fit-for-Life philosophy and integrated approach creatively introduces physical education in pre-school age children. Our classes follow lesson plans that build strength, flexibility, and coordination as well as allow each child to feel a sense of accomplishment as he/she masters a new skill.

Building self-esteem and confidence in children is our number one goal.